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Krankenhaus Nordwest
Krankenhaus Nordwest is a modern specialty care facility in Frankfurt am Main, which belongs to the “Stiftung Hospital zum Heiligen Geist”. The hospital has 582 beds across 13 clinics and 5 institutes. As a clinical research center, it is part of the University Center Frankfurt (UCT), which is certified by the German Cancer Aid. The Oncological Center, certified by the German Cancer Society, a body with which all institutes collaborate, is of importance beyond the region. The Clinic for Neurology is one of the largest neurological clinics in Germany comprising a supraregional stroke unit and neurological intensive care unit. In addition, the expertise of Krankenhaus Nordwest is reflected in multiple centers. These include the Obesity Center, the Multiple Sclerosis Center and the Chest Pain Unit (CPU).

Hospital zum Heiligen Geist
Situated in the centre of Frankfurt, Hospital zum Heiligen Geist is an acute-care hospital with 276 beds in six clinics that also provides 50 day-clinic places in its psychosomatic clinic. It is operating an emergency medical service vehicle and disposes of an high-standard interdisciplinary emergency department. Hence it is an indispensable emergency location for the Frankfurt am Main / Offenbach area. As a company, it belongs to the Foundation “Stiftung Hospital zum Heiligen Geist”. Since the Middle Ages, it has made its mission to provide the sick and needy with medical and nursing care.

How to apply?

First of all language! What you need is a B2 Level of German Language proven by a telc test or the Telc B1-Pflege-diploma. Here you can find a telc examination near you:

You need to make sure your diploma as a nurse will be recognized in Germany. Information on how to, you will find here:

Get your diploma translated into German.

To work in Germany you will need to have a visa and a working permission. This may sound complicated, but is luckily mostly just a matter of time. For more information please contact an embassy near you.

In short, your application should contain:

‍· Cover letter
· CV
· B2 level of German language   proven by a TELC test or the   TELC B1 Pflege-diploma
· Copy and translation of your   diplomas as a nurse (has to be   recognized in Germany)

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